Art by O. Siegal

I am a software engineer, mom of 3, and wife of 1. I worked for the same company through 4 mergers for over 20 years doing large-scale web application development ranging from consulting engagements to in-house identity governance products. As part of “hack time” and as pet projects for my kids, I designed and coded educational apps and web games, and I still love coming up with ways to unite learning and playing. I volunteer at the public schools when possible and enjoyed running school-wide events with my mom-friends such as the International Festival and Talent Shows. I also really enjoyed volunteering to build the websites for the elementary school PTA and the middle school PTSA.

It is always gratifying using both sides of my brain to be both creative and logical while bringing a concept to life. And it is a genuine pleasure helping people put their offerings out there for the world to consume. After a critical health diagnosis, I needed to adjust to a new normal, so I decided to make Siegal Works my work.

For more information about my educational apps and games, visit Siegal Kids. For more about my lung cancer story, visit Healthy Women’s Real Women, Real Stories. For my survivorship tips, visit my blog post on LUNGevity and listen to the See, Hear, Feel podcast episode that features me.

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