We are a woman-owned small business. OK, OK, when I say "we," I really mean me. Occasionally my kids will help, so that's "we!"
I developed large-scale web applications for over 20 years before deciding to become a freelance web designer for small businesses, nonprofits, authors, and artists.

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What We Do


We'll listen and work with you to understand your aesthetic and goals.


We'll build a WordPress site and collaborate with you to make sure it is going in the right direction, pivoting when necessary. We'll create or integrate any extras--calendar, social media, eCommerce, job boards, registration, or whatever you need.


We'll add the finishing touches like optimizing for speed and search engines and adding SSL, anti-spam protection, site traffic monitoring, and domain-specific email addresses, if desired.

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Bess was so easy to work with. She listened and understood quickly what I envisioned. Bess always got back to me quickly and it did not take long to get the website up and running. I'm so happy with the website and I'm looking forward to more projects with Bess!

Working with Bess has been a wonderful experience and partnership. She took the time to listen & explain & really get a good handle on what I was trying to say and accomplish with my website even when I was still trying to figure it out myself! She was very good at creating a simple flow that is user friendly and worked hard to match my specific requests and came up with great design finishes that integrated form & function - no sacrifice of one or the other! Her technical expertise has been invaluable and I'm so grateful & blessed to have this opportunity to work with her. In addition, she came up with a great logo for my company - TKCdreams - by creating a silhouette of 2 surfboards and the outline of sand that doubles as the profile of a dragonfly, the main animal I had said I would like to incorporate into my logo. The perfect 'illusion' -- simple, sleek & symbolic! Big thanks to Bess & the 'Tcubs' - you all rock!

We were thrilled with the work product Bess provided our new business. She did her homework to understand our mission and get to know our sensibilities. She researched our business and her website showed those details and fine touches. Her taste is impeccable, and she always provided us options that were functional and aesthetically solid. She was able to work seamlessly with our vendors to incorporate our needs. We couldn’t ask for a better face to our new business, we highly recommend her!

Bess Siegal is a big talent. Her skills, experience, creativity, and wonderful manner, makes it a great pleasure to work with her. I have no hesitation in recommending her for Web creation and design and working with people who both have a lot of ideas, but also with people looking for suggestions as well. She is also efficient and clear and delivers just as she has committed.

Siegal Works is a full-service web design company that can bring large-scale web design to small businesses. When I decided to create a website, I didn't even have a concept of what I wanted the site to look like. Bess has an intimate approach; working with me to understand the vision of the company, before identifying marketable features and how best to showcase them. Bess is patient and supportive, and she equipped me to manage the site through one-on-one instructional sessions and a customized training guide. As a first-time, small business owner, I'm so grateful for her experienced know-how and smart business sense.

Siegal Works is truly The Best! But it goes beyond providing best practice web design services. Bess Siegal wants to understand all aspects of your business plans and goals. She is continually looking for creative ways to improve the function and quality of the Seven Locks Running Club web site. We are so fortunate to have Bess as part of the Seven Locks Running Club family. I know for a fact, one of the main reasons our program is so successful is Bess Siegal’s commitment to running the best website possible for our coaches, athletes and parents.

When I first approached Siegal Works, my only substantive idea was that I wanted a website for my artwork. So, it was a godsend to work with someone with solid years of website design experience, who from the get-go was able to establish what my business and technology needs were and gently guide me through the process of defining the design and functionality of my website. The website was built quickly, efficiently and at a sensible price, and the service included a comprehensive content management system training session, which enables even technologically inept persons like myself to create, edit, organize and publish future content. The whole process was simple, easy and a great deal of fun, and for this I could not recommend Siegal Works highly enough for any small business looking to build a website.

Have you heard of [a] feature creep? Bess has! Can you read this? <a href="cjkHome.settingNext();" aria-label="Next Visual Setting" title="Next"><i class="fas fa-angle-double-right"></i></a> Bess can! If you are like me and very unskilled with computers (or even if you are more skilled than I am), Siegal Works will take your website vision, improve upon it, and make it reality. Yes, you can build your own website with the free programs available now, using inanimate, pre-existing coded templates. And if you are looking for much more than that, the team at Siegal Works will get to know you as a person, formulate a concept if you don’t have one, and create art that is reflective of you. I’ve tried it both ways, and if you check out my website, I think you will agree that Siegal Works has designed something truly unique and inspiring. I give Bess, her team, and Siegal Works the highest recommendation possible with absolutely no reservations. Five stars!!!

Working with Bess on my website redesign was a truly wonderful experience. Her creativity, professionalism and problem solving all led to a smooth collaboration and a final product that exceeds my expectations! Bess thoughtfully explained all the pros and cons of different site features, and went the extra mile to do things like creating original graphics, providing a user guide and training, and integrating my newsletters. I highly recommend Bess for your web design and site management needs!

Bess is the best webmaster around. She was positive, gentle, and guiding in setting up my original site, and she has been patient, kind, and supportive in helping me (a non-tech person) rethink and revamp it along the way. She is thoughtful in her stylistic recommendations, wanting my site to reflect who I am as a professional and what my business represents. She truly cares about her clients, wants them to succeed, and enables their sites to evolve with them.